Mike Shorten

author, mentor, strategy facilitator.


The fact that 67% of strategies fail to get implemented is a major concern of mine giving that I make my living from helping organizations define their strategies. It concerned me so much that I wrote a book about it.


In addition to writing the occasional book, I offer strategy facilitation and mentoring services.

The Book

Strategy is core to an organization’s success. Yet 67% of strategies fail to be implemented. Statistics show us that 50% of new business fail in their first five years. Could failure to implement strategy successfully be a key cause of business failure?



Strategy Facilitation

My focus is in helping organizations define and implement strategies. This entails facilitating the definition of their strategy and determining approaches and actions to implement these strategies. This is not as simple as it sounds…



About Mike

My primary strengths lie in strategic thinking, in generating ideas, in being futuristic, in adaptability, and in implementation. I have more than thirty-five years of formal consulting experience across various industries, including research and development, agriculture, wholesale and distribution…